Short story is a piece of prose fiction, requiring anything from half an hour to one or two hours in its perusal. It is a story which concentrates on a unique or single effect and one in which the totality of effect is the main objective. In the end the shape has shown itself to be so flexible and susceptible of such a lot variety that its possibilities seem almost endless. For example it’s going to worry with a scene, an episode, an experience, an action, the exhibition of a personality or characters, the day’s events, a meeting, a conversation, a fantasy. . .

Some of the types of the short story are; myth, parable, folk tales, fairy story, fable, anecdote, exemplum, essay and character study. In athletic terms, if we take novella as a ‘middle-distance’ book, then the short story comes into 100/200 meter class. Nevertheless, there are extremely long short stories ( longer than the average novella ) and very short ones.

Feature of Short Story

As a brief story is usually a brief narrative and has few features. The standard features include exposition, complication, crisis, climax, and determination of the crisis. However, it’s not essential that each one short stories follow an equivalent pattern.

Examples of Short Story

Example #1 The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant

In “The Necklace Guy De Maupassant displays all the qualities in form which distinguishes him as the master artist of short story writing. It is a superior work and its plot conceived in terms of an affecting ironic reversal. It describes a human predicament in which the moral and social formidabilities are very stringent. A reader comes to know that the necklace which Madame Loisel replaces at the cost of her life and her marriage was actually fake and was thought to be real. Madame Loisel has replaced the fake with the genuine, “priding herself on an effort which is revealed on the last sentence of the story to have been totally misdirected.” The entire life has been determined by a single accident which mocks the whole scheme of things in this world.  “How little is needed to ruin or to spare “. This is the most stringent irony of it.

Example #2 The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

The Happy Prince is one of the best stories written in English Literature written by Oscar Wilde. ” The Happy Prince” has fairy tale mode of expression. It creates a world which is “ideal and nominative” as Oscar Wilde himself says and is known for. But this fairy-tale rather brings in all the problems of the Victorian life, such as poverty, hypocrisy and exploitation. “The Happy Prince” is particularly a neat and clean story which spells out its themes: the statue becomes outwardly uglier as the price achieves spiritual beauty. The swallow also achieves perfect beauty by sacrificing his life for the love of the prince. In each case love and sacrifice are the saving forces.

Example #3 The Killers by Ernest Hemingway

In “The KillersErnest Hemingway in his typical unemotional and professional style creates an atmosphere wherein isolated and nearly anonymous characters are put to illustrate understanding and perception. In the story, Hemingway introduces two men, Al and Max, who go to a restaurant to kill Ole Anderson to oblige a friend, as if killing a human being is such a spurious, negligible, and inconsequential affair. Ole Anderson occasionally visits the restaurant for dinners; but that particular evening he does not come. A solemn acquiescence to death ennobles his mind, and he develops a spiritual readiness to accept an eventuality. The restlessness is projected not in the mind of character but that of the reader.

Example #4 To Build a Fire by Jack London

“To Build a Fire” is the story of an anonymous character who leaves home for a destination on the Yukon trail but faces heavy snow which makes him fall. He tries to kill his dog to keep himself alive, but the dog also senses his intentions. Later, he tries to make the fire but does not succeed and dies. His struggle and his wrong notion about his strength and thinking power prove fatal for him. This is one of the best short stories without the names of the characters.

Meaning and Function of Short Story

A short story presents one aspect of the life of a character. It might be an event , an event, an outline of a sense , or maybe an easy act. A short story also can impact a reader and even inspire them. For people who can’t read plays , appreciate perusing the short stories. Moreover, during a story , the characters also share their innermost thoughts, their motives, their feelings, their emotions, and different notions.

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